Winter Routes


In the winter months our routes range from 5 to 10 miles covering Syston, Thurmaston, and touching on north Leicester and Birstall. Along with running routes we also enjoy structured training sessions.

Click on the maps to view / download the interactive route maps. With the route maps you can view, print, download to GPS/smartphone App, OR click on pdf to print your own map and route descriptions…OR join Wreake Runners and run with us!


Winter Route Distance Brief description Route map and description
1a Syston Loop 4.9 A clockwise loop around Syston.

Wreake Runners Winter Route 1

1b Syston loop 6.7 Same as 1a with an extra loop through part of Queniborough
1c Syston loop 10 Start the same as 1b, extra loops through East Goscote and Rearsby
2a Syston and Queni 5.6 Straight out to Queni, small loop return through Syston via Fosse Way. Wreake Runners Winter Route 2
2b Syston and Queni 7.5  As 2a but with extra loop through East Goscote.
3a Gleneagles Ave 5.5 Thurmaston, Gleneagles Ave, back along Barkby Rd, through Thrum estate up Earls Way. Wreake Runners Winter Route 3
3b Gleneagles Ave 7 As 3a with extra bit up Victoria Rd East & Troon Indust Estate
4a Golden Mile 4.5 Head towards Golden Mile – cut short along Troon Way Wreake Runners Winter Route 4
4b Golden Mile 6 Head towards Golden Mile – return via Gipsy Lane
4c Golden Mile 7.8 Down Golden Mile return via Catherine St
5a Hamilton 6.2 Through Thurmaston estate, Troon Indust Estate, A563, back through Thurm village. Wreake Runners Winter Route 5
5b Hamilton 7.5 As 5a but extra through Hamilton
6a Birstall & Wanlip 5.6 To Wanlip and Birstall via A46

(bring a torch / careful!)

6b Birstall & Wanlip 7 To Wanlip and Birstall via Rushey Mead (careful along A46!)
7 Syston 6.5 Off the beaten track looping around smaller streets Wreake Runners Winter Route 7







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