Charnwood Hills Race (Bowline) 2018


This year’s Bowline race was certainly one of toughest yet! A gruelling 14 miles of Hills & Mud, running through Bradgate Park/Broombriggs and Beacon Hill, after Saurday’s rainfall it definitely made the conditions more challenging.

9x Wreakies were lined up at the start out of a field of only 304x entrants

We had all ran this course many times on the build up to the race, but RACING it is a very different experience!

It was Matt’s first time racing the route and with an amazing time of (1:49.10) was first home for the team, Captain Luke was next in at (1:54.10)

With his London Marathon training going well Postman Bush was next in (1:58.01) followed by Dr Speed (1:58.51)

Next it was Scott (2:02.39) / Brian Stevens (2:06.59)

Jon completed the race in (2:21.18)… fortunately for us there were no buses on the route so had no choice but to complete the course! J

Our very own tough girl Liz Collo had a fantastic run, 37th Lady finisher (2:27.46)

And our final finisher was Richard Palmer (2:41.25)…. Great work Rich!

Well done to everyone who took part, If you’ve never tried this race then next year you should definitely give it a go!


  • Matt Franklin – 1:49.10
  • Luke Smith – 1:54.53
  • Mark Bush – 1:58.01
  • Gavin Speed – 1:58.51
  • Scott Beasley – 2:02.39
  • Brian Stevens – 2:06.59
  • Jon Finnemore – 2:21.18
  • Liz Collingham – 2:27.46
  • Richard Palmer – 2:41.25

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