Gaz’s Berlin Marathon

Wreakie Gaz Munsey shares his thoughts on his recent Berlin Marathon…

First of all you’ve got to do this to experience the total buzz I felt!

The Expo wasn’t the best I’ve been too, it’s better to go on the Thursday like I did, as Friday was packed (it wasn’t cheap to buy gear, and there were not many freebies). The whole organisation on Marathon day from Marshall’s to media and runners meeting in their places was very strict, including baggage where you have to show wrist bands and numbers. Before the Marathon the only thing that was bad were the long queues for the portaloos, glad I went to starbucks 😉.

So the marathon is off and on the day I wasn’t even nervous, I was running next too my friend and we motivated each other, or should I say I waffled on quite a bit. The support is amazing, shouting our names in different accents from around the world is an incredible feeling. All along the the route the crowds were huge, bands (& orchestras!) playing and singing, people ringing bells, the lot.

On the marathon itself I only had one complaint, drinks were in cups, so that slowed my running down a bit at the stations but I was determined I wasn’t going to stop or walk and didn’t, but it did come in handy when my IT bands played up on 4 occasions I pored water on my legs from the stations which helped.

So I successfully completed my bucket list and stepped onto cloud 9 .My marathon was done at a time of 3:42:50 I couldn’t have been happier. So time to have the bling put on and go and fetch my bag. Walking up to the tent with my head down smiling at my medal I heard my name shout ! GARY , it was the baggage lady, she had my bag ready, talk about customer service! I then went to meet my friends, we all hugged and shared story’s and a few photos, and of course the complimentary beer…or two lol. In Berlin I have to tell you the train and underground, bus service has got to be the best in Europe, easy to work out and better than Paris. I bought my ticket for 6 days at €30, pretty good really and works on trust, inspectors work in non-uniform.

Well after that I enjoyed celebrating at Murphys Irish bar at checkpoint Charlie and having lots of Guinness, it was the best time ever with good people. I can also recommend the Alletto hotel at Zooological in Berlin, easy to get anywhere and a great town. I travelled on my own, I paid £200 for return fair and shared mixed dorm with other people around the world. The only down side to this was the snoring, I don’t snore…or do I? Well if you ever get the chance enter Berlin Marathon!

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